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My husband and I have had Thai massage in an outdoor pavilion on a tropical island in The Maldives; ayurvedic massage at the Kumarakom Lake Resort in India; and in-room massages at plush hotels in Baja, but we have NEVER (EVER!) had a better massage than the one that we get from Cheryl Robledo, right here in San Jose.

Caprice S.
San Jose, CA

I had arthroscopic knee surgery in July 2009 . 24 hours after surgery Cheryl starting doing lymphatic drainage to help speed up my recovery and reduce the swelling. The first thing I noticed was that there was absolutely no pain with this procedure in-fact it was very relaxing. The pressure was very light so I felt safe for her to work on the area of surgery directly.  After the 2nd treatment we noticed just how much of the swelling was going away. I saw Cheryl every day at first and then as I improved every other day. By the time I went in for my post op (2 weeks after surgery) the doctor commented on the lack of swelling and I knew it was because of the lymphatic drainage. From that point I was allowed to start bending my knee which naturally caused swelling but thanks to my consistent visits with Cheryl the swelling went away immediately. I recovered weeks ahead of schedule and feel that is was because of the Lymphatic drainage.
Thank you Cheryl!

Jeanine Byrd testimonials
San Jose, CA

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